Updated September 1 2020

I am gathering names & postal codes of folks interested in hosting a professional musician(s) in outdoor residential settings (yards & driveways) If interested in local live musicians at your place or details please send Dave an email calgaryhouseconcerts@gmail.com

Outdoor House Concerts are rapidly becoming one of the most popular venues for both the Artists as well as the Audiences

Not to brag but Calgary House Concerts was selected #1 Live Music Venue by Best in Calgary Magazine April 2020 https://www.thebestcalgary.com/best-live-music-calgary/#1_Calgary_House_Concerts

In light of CV-19 I have pivoted from hosting professional artists in The House to hosting a small gathering in my driveway or backyard which has proven to be a great experience while the weather cooperates with us here in Calgary

Pre CV-19 the House Concert experience was usually set in the comfort of a living room or basement of the host’s home. Normally there is some sort of food whether host by provided, or potluck or on occasion possibly a food truck on location. Bring your own refreshments, but please keep in mind this is a “Musical Event” not a house party

These are all ages events

With a warm environment to perform for an captivated audience always sets for a unique musical experience. The unique connection between the artists & the smaller audience makes it is easy to see why so many artists & seasoned music enthusiasts are drawn to these events. There is almost always an energy created & exchanged both ways that is best described as Magic!!

Modified best practices has schedules being adjusted to BBQ served 5-6 PM Showtime 6 PM with 1 set (Summer)

Additionally limited capacity, hand sanitizer , open air seating area  

Is a great opportunity to distantly meet the artists, buy some CD’s and have bite to eat and a drink if so desired

I can almost guarantee hearing “WOW that was GREAT” from many

The continued success of these off grid shows is truly based on how many people get involved with community building and meaningful support of the arts simultaineously able to experience the artist’s passion and live performance of their craft

If you have attended a house concert in the past or are planning to attend one of the upcoming shows you will easily see this is possibly one of the best ways to enjoy live music in an intimate and up close setting

Thanks for supporting and promoting live music

And once again if you are interested in hosting on your property …I will definitely give more details

Dave Donovan – House Concert Host