Live in the CommonUnity  Calgary House Concerts  

Intimate Performances                    More than a Musical Concert


Fostering a sense of community by providing family-friendly live music events that bring people together in their own neighborhoods.

The true enchantment of these intimate musical afternoons lies in the audience’s ability to connect emotionally with the songsmiths as they share their personal stories and heartwarming humanity.


The music and intimate setting allow individuals to savor the community companionship and diversity.

“Live in the CommonUnity” gatherings offer an array of physical and soulful benefits that transcend mere entertainment.

The unparalleled ability of music to unite people cultivates a sense of belonging and harmony among both attendees and dedicated volunteers.



Sharing music and meals with neighbors & new friends not only forges enduring memories but also provides a secure avenue for meaningful human interactions.

In a world often dominated by digital exchanges, “Live in the CommonUnity” gatherings offer a chance to safely connect with one another on a deeper, emotional level, leading the way in supporting the arts, creators & cultural storytellers.


Safe, accessible, and family-friendly “Live in the Community” gatherings not only bring people together but also enrich the cultural tapestry of the community by creating relaxed settings that foster lasting human connections and memories, which endure long after the final note has been played.


Dave  Donovan – Founder

Calgary House Concerts


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