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Appearing July 24 2022 – Romi Mayes
Romi Mayes July 24 2022

Romi Mayes

w/ Guest Guitarist Steve Pineo

With her unique mix of bourbon infused country blues, Romi Mayes will make you miss your mouth when sippin’ your beer. Her sexy, sincere vocals break hearts, her bad-ass guitar playing breaks strings, and her honest, edgy songwriting is putting her on the map of performers as a force to be reckoned with.

Romi is a producer / performer of Curbside Concerts founded here in Calgary

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Previous Event – Heartwood – June 26 2022


It’s my pleasure to host this new duo touring from Vancouver Island and I can truly say I am looking forward to meeting these amazing souls. Such a great sound and authentic energy with Jack and Genevieve, and it feels like they are family already.

Honey-soaked folk with a hint of indi and a splash of bluegrass, Heartwood radiates exuberant joy with every delicious song. From the hearth of their rural Pacific northwest homestead Jack Connolly and Genevieve Charbonneau serve up the pulse and passion of their irresistible songs and tasty harmonies.

Heartwood welcomes you into their joyful, charming world and delivers a dynamic show with accessible songs that touch on a wide range of human emotion.

Previous Event – April 10 2022 – BMW
Tim Williams, Big Dave McLean and Kevin Belzner

Kevin Belzner, Big Dave McLean and Tim Williams

Sunday, April 10, 2022

BMW (Belzner, McLean & Williams) was formed when three friends and collaborators (Kevin Belzner, cocktail drum kit; Big Dave McLean, guitars, harmonica and vocals; and Tim Williams, guitars, mandolin and vocals) found themselves together for a set at the Edmonton International Blues Festival. The music was so good, and the crowd reaction so positive, they have since been performing as a trio and have one CD (Catfish) to their credit. Delta Blues, smooth West Coast “club blues”, fine originals and more make up the set list, performed with joy and humour.

Best Live Music in Calgary

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