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‘Live in the CommonUNITY’
July Food Bank Builder

July 21st: Erin Ross . Kimberley MacGregor

Braden Gates May 26 2024

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Erin Ross
Kimberley MacGregor

Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, July 21st, 2024 @ 3:00pm

$25 Cover incl food

‘Live in the CommonUNITY’ is… Air conditioned comfort while not only enjoying the musical experience of the talents, stories and charms of singer/songwriters… but we are able to share the experience on a more personal level. These intimate events not only directly support the artists but also are supporting Live Music in Calgary. Made even better when shared with friends, Family & Neighbours so Come Along!

So happy to have Calgary Musician and CKUA Host Erin Ross bring her well crafted latest release ‘The Wind Will Lead Me Home’ to share a stage with another huge favorite of mine and also the immensely talented Kimberley MacGregor bringing her amazing latest release ‘SITTING, WITH UNCOMFORTABLE FEELINGS’

Can’t believe we have them together for an intimate afternoon NEXT week end to share some of the best Pluckin.Pickin.Singin and Stories around, mix in some food in a Family Friendly Room spells You Better Be There!! Going to be a Special day 4sure.

July 21st 300p Show 230p Doors $25
Winston Heights-Mountview Community Centre

Erin Ross website: erinross.ca

Kimberley MacGregor website: kimberleymacgregor.com

Gratitude for Veterans Food Bank Donations July 21st!!

230 DOORS/300 SHOW

Winston Heights-Mountview  Community Ctr. 520 27 Ave NE

CommonUNITY August Special Guests

August 18th: Tim Williams . Paul Pigat

Braden Gates May 26 2024

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Tim Williams . Paul Pigat

Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, August 18th, 2024 @ 3:00pm

$25 Cover incl food

TIM WILLIAMS – CANADIAN BLUES AND -ROOTS ARTIST – A producer/performer on four JUNO-nominated projects,

Tim Williams is one of our favorite local icons that has privileged us numerous times over the years. His 36 year career and constant work in the Calgary music industry is inspirational for so many. Always such a pleasure to share an afternoon with one of my favorite local celebrity musicians that has been such a key builder of the music scene in Calgary & huge part of developing live spaces that we enjoy today. https://timwilliamsblues.ca/

Paul Pigat is arguably the best guitar player in town – and competitive on the national and international scene as well. While he has a degree in classical music and music theory, he has devoted himself to a different vibe. With his various ensembles, including Cousin Harley and The Smoking Jackets, he has carved out a very respectable career creating great music drawing from just about every genre of popular music – jazz, blues, rockabilly and more. Blessed with a jazz man’s sheen, a rockabilly heart & a hobo’s soul, there aren’t many genres of music that don’t pull at Pigat’s wayfaring imagination like a magnet. Web: https://paulpigat.com/

CommonUNITY September Special Guests

September 1st: TREMOLOCO

Braden Gates May 26 2024

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Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, September 1st, 2024 @ 3:00pm

$25 Cover incl food

TREMOLOCO September 1st 2024. We are thrilled to have this group stop in for thier first visit to share an afternoon with us so come along for this epic day.

Tremoloco is an eclectic roots band who have been described as Sonoran Gothic Folk, Gulf Coast roots and Tex-Mexican-Americana. Sometimes refer to it as simply “CANTINA MUSIC”.

Website: https://tremolocos.com/news


September 29th: The Bluehearts

Braden Gates May 26 2024

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The Bluehearts Duo

Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, September 29th, 2024 @ 3:00pm

$25 Cover incl food

Bluehearts Duo September 29th 2024.

I am thrilled to have the return visit from the fellas again this summer. If I recall this is the The 37th year Big Hank and Westcoast have been making music together! We are in for a Great afternoon!!

Always a great day when The Bluehearts return visit at Calgary House Concerts and we have them stopping in Sunday September 29th so grab a friend and join us for an afternoon filled with music, stories and good times. All AGES Public event! Guaranteed fun ‘LiVe in the CommonUnity’

Many Thanks for Veterans Food Bank donations!!



A List of Amazing Humans

You can be a part of

Joe Nolan March 3, 2024

The Gift of Music 

Creating life long memories

Over the years these amazing souls have graced Calgary House Concerts with their talents & shared humanity

They have touched our souls  and brought us together at the many “Live in the Community” gatherings shared from my house or have shared rooms with several of Calgary’s nearby Community Association Centres.

Read an article
by Lily Dupuis CBC News Calgary


The Corazones July 7th, 2024


Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, July 7th, @ 3pm

We are gathering at
The Brentwood Community Gardens

5107 33 St NW T2L 1V3 

CHC welcomes The CORAZONES return to the “House” for another shared afternoon of music. Join us!!


The Corazones (or The “Hearts” in Spanish) are a versatile band based in Calgary, Alberta. They draw inspiration from artists like Bill Withers, Van Morrison, The Band, The Meters, Marvin Gaye and other incredible 70’s songwriters. Their choice selection of cover tunes and originals infuse these influences. Their live show is full of powerful “raise the roof” vocals, groovy bass and drums, evocative guitar riffs, harmonies, piano, organ, harmonica and an excellent collection of really bad jokes. Big sound for a four-piece band! 10 years performing together has brought this unique band to stages across Western Canada.

Website: https://corazones.ca/

Fresh Breath June 24th, 2024
Braden Gates May 26 2024


Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 @ 3:00pm

$25 Cover incl food

CHC welcomes FRESH BREATH return to the “House” for another shared afternoon of music. Come on along!


Josh and Katie Pascoe are the husband-and-wife dynamic duo behind Fresh Breath. And the pair are exactly that. Their approach to songwriting  & performing has garnered them praise & accolades over their decade-long career as a formidable staple in the music community in Canada.

Website: www.freshbreathband.com

Braden Gates May 26th, 2024

Rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances

Braden Gates May 26 2024

Braden Gates

Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, May 26th, 2024 @ 3:00pm

Look forward to Braden Gates on his second visit to the “House” for another shared afternoon of his music and stories. Come on along!

About Braden Gates

Braden Gates is a young man, which may come as a surprise to anyone who has heard his brand of classic foot stompin’, fiddle playin’, guitar pickin’ folk. It would be easy to stereotype Gates as an old soul, but despite his love of traditional folk instrumentation and songwriting and old timey stage clothes, Gates’ sound carries a youthful feel and never feels affected or inauthentic. Through the ease with which he bows his fiddle and picks his guitar, and the straightforward uncluttered honesty of his lyrics, Gates has a natural way with a story.

Website: www.bradengates.com

Ollee Owens May 5 2024

Ollee Owens Trio

Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, May 5th, 2024 @ 3:00pm

CHC welcomes Ollee Owens return to the “House” for another shared afternoon of her soulful music and heartfelt charm. Come on along!

With a lyrical mastery that speaks on all of life’s moments paired with a dynamic voice that reveals a well-travelled soul and the embers of passion within, Calgary, AB based Ollee Owens is a musical force of nature.

Website: olleeowens.com

Brandon Isaak April 14 2024

Brandon Isaak

Live in the CommonUNITY

Sunday, April 14th, 2024 @ 4:00pm

What an honor it is to have Brandon Isaak join us to share an intimate afternoon in April. We’re thrilled to seize the rare opportunity of having Brandon in Calgary to share an intimate afternoon with us will be epic!

His recent album ‘ONE STEP CLOSER’ was JUNO nominated as Blues Album of the year so we are in for a treat!!

Website: www.brandonisaak.ca

Joe Nolan March 3rd, 2024
Joe Nolan March 3 2024

Joe Nolan

POSTPONED due to Road conditions

Weather delay March 3rd

Update to follow soon Sorry

Incase you wanted to help Joe on his album build project that end in a couple of weeks here is his link:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/joe-nolan-love-in-the-new-world#/

The Edmonton Journal had the following to say – “The Edmonton singer-songwriter will try to sweep you off your feet with his woozy ditties, groggy vocals and lyrics about the rush of lust, the vagaries of love, and late-night/early-morning drives.

POSTPONED Due to weather

“KINJO & YOUNG ” February 18th 2024

Kinjo & Young

Sunday, February 18th, 2024 @ 3:00pm

Stoked to have had Kinjo and Young join us for an intimate afternoon of their live music that was shared with us over at Brentwood Community Association.

Donation Spotlight: Brentwood Little Food Library

“Flint & Feather” October 15th 2023
Flint & Feather Oct 15, 2023

Flint & Feather

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Family Friendly Community Live Music

About Flint & Feather

Flint & Feather is the musical project of Joal and Lauren Kamps, a free-spirited husband and wife team who are passionate about cultivating community through folk/roots music, storytelling, and laughter.

CHC 12th Season Community Live Music Gatherings

Tim Isberg Trio – Sept 17, 2023
Tim Isberg Sept 17 2023

Tim Isberg

Sunday, September 17, 2023

From Rwanda to Afghanistan, singer-songwriter and veteran soldier Tim Isberg is a storyteller and 2016 Nominee for ACMA Male Artist of the Year.

Kimberley MacGregor & Elliot Thomas Sunday August 27th 2023
Kimberley MacGregor Aug 27, 2023

Kimberley MacGregor
w/ Elliot Thomas

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Family Friendly Community Live Music

Join us for another upclose and personal show with one of my favorite humans – Kimberley MacGregor w/Elliot Thomas. This will be a not to be missed afternoon leaving you wanting more!

Kimberley will be featuring her latest release ‘Sitting, with Uncomfortable Feelings’ which sounds great and will be incredible to be able to have performed live.

CHC 12th Season Community Live Music Gatherings

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