The Blue Hearts with John Rutherford

If you have been around any of the live music venues here in Calgary without doubt you heard of The Kirby Sewell Band and we were thrilled to host them for a show here shortly after they were awarded Maple Blues Award for Group/Artist of the year 2016

Recently Kirby has been working on a new project with another amazing local talent Clayton Jeffery to form a duo and play the music of Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and some Beatles tunes

Had the good fortune to catch these guys play one of their first gigs with this act a few weeks back and enjoyed it so much it only made sense to invite these pro’s to perform some of these classic tunes here at The House which is a perfect venue for these fellas which have named the act accordingly “The Pauls”

Although slightly short notice the agreed event date is Sunday afternoon May 27 at 4:00 PM so make sure your schedule is clear and come join us for a relaxing afternoon of Live Music with these seasoned professionals in our casual and intimate setting of a home environment.

Here is a YouTube link to a tasty cover by Kirby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47U-V5O7BIs