BMW Live June 11, 2023


These amazing artists have been honing their craft and pleasing audiences in North America for 5-6 decades now. The thing I admire about these guys is how they play a major role in mentoring and helping new musicians within their respective home base communities in Calgary and Winnipeg.

In 2019, Big Dave McLean was awarded the Order of Canada for his musical influence on Delta and Chicago blues and for mentoring musicians. With a full and lengthy career recognized with a Juno and multiple other awards, Big Dave has always been one of my favorite visiting artists, and what a pleasure to meet his kind and very talented soul. Big Dave lives and actively supports the Winnipeg area communities, so it truly is a treat to have these guys gather for us again on June 11th.

Tim Williams has been a major influence on Calgary live music for well over four decades, and as well as road touring on occasion, Tim’s multi-instrument and diverse musical genres have been a mainstay of excellence and mentoring within his Calgary communities. I am always thrilled to have Tim return to bring his talents and stories that are guaranteed to get toes tapping and be tons of fun.

Kevin Belzner has a beat for every occasion, it seems, and loves to play music, so he has played with quite a few of Calgary’s top artists over the years. Although the youngest of the bunch, Kevin has written songs on the BMW album “CATFISH,” which will be featured live on June 11th. It is always a pleasure to have Kevin stop in, which on many occasions, to everyone’s good fortune.