Artist: Harpdog Brown & the Travelin’ Blue Show

Date of Concert: May 13, 2016

Artist website: harpdogbrown.com

Artist bio:

After seeing their performance, Holger Petersen, host of the popular Saturday Night Blues on CBC radio, exalted that this band could play anywhere in the world, in any venue, large or small, and blues fans of all stripes would love this show. And that is exactly what Harpdog Brown plans to do with his Travelin’ Blues Show!

Fresh off the radio play and tour success of his latest album What It Is (ranked #20 in the Top 100 World Blues Albums for 2014) Brown launched The Travelin’ Blues Show with up-and- coming guitarist Jordie Edmonds and upright bassist Pat Darcus. Together this trio emotes the essence of blues with every note. Traditionalists will love the authenticity of this act – with Brown’s vintage Masco PA System and Masco Amp.

You’ll find nothing modern here – just that LoFi sound of early electric blues.

Whether they’re taking you further on down the road of their favourite blues standards, or delivering that vintage sound through a modern original like Facebook Woman, this is blues the way it was meant to be.

Like Howlin’ Wolf had Hubert Sumlin, a true driving force behind the powerful stage presence of Wolf, Jordie Edmonds brings same level of authenticity to Harpdog. He plays the guitar like it’s a language, not a sport, lowdown and understated at times, but when it’s time to show some flash… he’s got all it takes to wow the listeners.

Throw in the punchy doghouse bass rhythm delivered by Vancouver’s finest, Pat Darcus, and you have something truly special. Exceptional musicians individually, they combine to deliver a performance that is unique, refreshing and leaves audiences spellbound.

This is an honest, early electric blues sound that many have strived to achieve yet few have succeeded, other than the masters of the time. With the aid of early 1950’s vintage amps and sound system they’re actually bringing the old vinyl sound to the stage.

True to his calling, Harpdog Brown unleashes monster tone and presence through that wonderful little instrument called the Harmonica. He delivers such a powerful performance that it’s hard to imagine there is a better harp player alive. His sound and delivery earned him the title of Canada’s Harmonica Player of the Year at the 2015 Maple Blues Awards Gala. (Canada’s Grammys of the Blues). Now in 2016, he’s captured the title for the second consecutive year!