Joe Fournier

Artist: Joe Fournier

Date of Concert: May 23, 2014

Artist website: www.joefournier.com

Artist bio:

For years I’ve been doing gigs off and on with two Swedish twins and a guitar junkie named Olle. These guys have always made me sound better than I ever deserved to, in the many bars, theatres, TV and radio spots we’ve played over the years. We always talked about recording together, but never could get it right due to time and budget.

This past March we went into a ramshackle warehouse on the outskirts of Gothenburg, set up some recording gear and laid down 15 new tracks. Over 10 days. Live off the floor and tough as nails. No tricks, no auto-tune, no bullshit. If we didn’t get it right, we did it again. We played until we got it right. A few of Gothenburg’s finest dropped in to help out on a few tracks. My pal Benna came up from Spain to lay down some great percussion.

I then took it all back home to Canada and the Eight Track shack to add a few more vocals (including some outstanding gospel singing from my new pals Delta Sugar) and mix it for your listening enjoyment. We may get that vinyl version out yet, but what you have in your hand is the best quality mastered deluxe version CD we could afford.