Honey-soaked folk with a hint of indi and a splash of bluegrass, Heartwood radiates exuberant joy with every irresistible song. From the hearth of their rural Pacific northwest homestead Jack Connolly and Genevieve Charbonneau serve up the pulse and passion of rollicking recession laments, driving celtic love songs and witty (and ironic) debates on the ways they don’t go together. Their quirky naturalness, endearing humor and raw talent stir affection and warm the blood while their powerful roots draw up a nutrient rich brew of sound bringing warmth and energy to all who gather around the table to listen.

When Jack and Genevieve met in 2018, Jack was a rising country star playing stages with the likes of Tom Cochrane and Colin James, and Genevieve was a homesteading mama who had recently won the BC Songwriting Competition, but as soon as they sang together they knew the sum was greater than its ingredients. Jack offered to record and produce Genevieve’s “Heart is a Tower” album, which went on to hit the NA Folk Charts. Inspired by that project, they cooked up the Heartwood duo, finding immense joy in singing harmonies and playing on each other’s songs. They discovered that their witty and honest stage manner was a natural fit and their charisma onstage was soon noticed by audiences. “There’s not many performers who get a second show booked before they’ve even packed up their gear… they both possess a keen sense of humor and an ability to connect with their audience, “ says Mick Sherlock of Qualicum Oceanside Folk Club. Heartwood welcomes you into their joyful, charming world and delivers a dynamic show with accessible songs that touch on a wide range of human emotion.

Jack and Genevieve are the collective recipients of several Vancouver Island Music Awards, and many songwriting accolades, including an International Acoustic Music Award nomination. Despite this history, they are not jaded “road-weary” musicians; together they possess a freshness and secret sauce that reflects the chemistry that existed between June Carter and Johnny Cash, exuding a charm and energy that is hard not to like. With a live album “Heartwood Live at Blue Grouse”produced in 2020, they are currently concocting their first much-anticipated self-titled studio album.


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