Braden Gates

Braden Gates

Braden Gates latest album Kitchen Days won the 2022 Canadian Folk Music Award for Traditional Album of the Year.

Let the quotes speak for themselves:

“…a mesmerizing and confident skill that quiets a room. Braden’s wit, charm, and ultimately incredible songs win the hearts of his audience.”

— Northern Lights Folk Club

“Braden Gates is cut from the same cloth as John Hartford – a supremely talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a charmingly quirky take on life, love and professional dishwashing. I love his new record Kitchen Days. It makes me happy.”

— Kim Richey, American Songwriter

“Braden Gates writes songs that sound just like real life: weary and hopeful at the same time. His playing features a wistfulness that makes you wonder about the roads he’s travelled mixed with a joy that is a pleasure to hear. Add in some fine guitar work and the occasional fiddle tune, and you’ve got yourself a show to remember.”

— Michelle Demers, Mission Folk Festival

Website: www.bradengates.com
YouTube: youtube.com/@thebradengates/videos
Instagram: instagram.com/thisisbradengates
Facebook: facebook.com/bradengates
Album & Tracks: borealisrecords.bandcamp.com/album/kitchen-days