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Hi there and thanks for checking this page out!!

I am Dave Donovan ……a live music enthusiast whom decided that I had loved the total experience after attending  my first house concert in 2011 so much ……that I truly was compelled to make every effort to get involved in on this brilliant concept in what ever way I possibly could. In 2012 this Inspirired my first live music concert out of the house Macewan. Now 11 years and over 150 shows later allowed hundreds of souls to share the magic of intimate “Live in the Community” performances.

The most rewarding moments are to look around the room seeing near every toe tapping or head keeping beat. Priceless when near every face has a smile filled with appreciative thank you/’s after the show. It is a unique intimate musical experience with without question some of the best in biz.

Through the years I have learned to put the shows into schedule, organize the event and welcome a room full of souls that when allowed to get together to share live music by artists that have a story and song. These shared moments create human connections and a commaradie that last a lifetime and truly finds the common traits in all of us to enjoy together.

Join  us for the next community building and family freindly “Live in the Community” gathering near you soon!

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