About me and my contact information

Hi there and thanks for checking this page out!!

I am Dave Donovan ……a live music enthusiast whom decided that I had loved the total experience after attending  my first house concert in 2012 so much ……that I truly was compelled to make every effort to get involved in on this brilliant concept in what ever way I possibly could.

Then the learning curve began as to how much effort is required not only organize the artists, organize my biz find the common dates that don’t fall on long weeks or Stampede, summer holidays, festivals etc……. you get my point on all the easy stuff comes first

The next part of these events is now “the wild card of event promotion” which has to be the single best part of the process before the show as it usually means I get to meet new people and let them know that there is a growing number of professional musicians playing their craft and playing small attendance shows in residential homes and some apartments. That’s the best …..and now the most challenging aspect is getting people to commit to an RSVP and attend. PLEASE RSVP!!


Since that first one in 2012 I attended I have had the amazing good fortune to have hosted approx. 12 shows here in Macewan conventionally trying to spread the word via Emails and talking to anyone who will listen.

This is due to many thanks to my amazing friends/and landlords Roy and Corrine whom I rent their amazing home while they are in Malaysia

Just recently I have started a new Facebook and created a website to promote Romi and future shows. Eventually the website will evolve to be more of a centralized single point of information on house concerts for both artists and audiences in their own areas.

If you are interested please send me an Email to confirm seat availability and address at: calgaryhouseconcerts@gmail.com

Come visit us at Facebook and give us a like!!

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