Braden Gates. Live in the CommonUnity Sunday MAY 26th, 2024


Braden Gates . Live in the Community

Sunday, May 26th, 2024
3pm – Doors at 2:30pm

Aways a pleasure to host Braden Gates for another shared afternoon of his talents and stories. This is the second time we have have our schedules allow  for Braden to visit us for an upclose and  personal afternoon. Come on along!

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About Braden Gates

Braden Gates is a young man, which may come as a surprise to anyone who has heard his brand of classic foot stompin’, fiddle playin’, guitar pickin’ folk. It would be easy to stereotype Gates as an old soul, but despite his love of traditional folk instrumentation and songwriting and old timey stage clothes, Gates’ sound carries a youthful feel and never feels affected or inauthentic. Through the ease with which he bows his fiddle and picks his guitar, and the straightforward uncluttered honesty of his lyrics, Gates has a natural way with a story.