Calgary House Concerts hosts some of our favorite live music performances in the city, making it ideal for most.

They’re also one of the best spots to see local & touring artists perform outdoors & indoors.

“The House” brings world-class artists & local audiences together for an unforgettable musical experience.

It’s something we’ve always looked forward to since 2012, but we’re always excited for their upcoming lineups

Now, what’s great about them is that they always make sure to update upcoming performances.

Additionally, it’s a plus for us that their fees include food at a reasonable flat rate of $20.

All performances they host are open to the public, so seeing live music at Calgary House Concerts can literally be a family outing.

Venue-wise, the Calgary House Concerts are quite big, having had the opportunity to cater to up to 50+ seats for each performance.

It allows for a bigger audience while also maintaining that sense of intimacy in each show.

Overall, their sold-out tickets imply that they’re sought-after in the area. Well, who can blame viewers when the admission is fair, the music is good, and the food is just as scrumptious as any of the best out there!!